Most people are familiar with the state of affairs that is Detroit’s recent history- the exodus of automotive manufacturing, the blight, the corruption. The pain that the people of the city have felt have made them uniquely primed as a comedy audience.

As the comedy industry develops and grows, the performance spaces are moving farther from brick and mortar clubs that exclusively make their money from performing stand-up comedy and closer to multi-purpose venues and grass-roots production endeavors to showcase the breadth of talent rising up through the comedic ranks. Between Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, we’ve lost over half a dozen comedy clubs in the past five years. The venues that have remained relevant have kept in touch with the industry and grown with it. Motor City Comedy Festival is looking to educate the public on the great non-comedy club venues and comedians who are excited to perform and inform the public anywhere they can.

Motor City Comedy Festival plans were put into action in December of 2016 after years of ideas for a new comedy festival in the city of Detroit were thrown around. Official status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit was granted by the IRS in August of 2017.